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We will be more than happy to send you our Press Release in english or spanish and high quality pictures. Contact us at or via instagram @wearetino. Here are the key points :

1. It is completely new. It does not exist anywhere else.

2. We are passionate about making Tino known as "Invented in Barcelona" , our beautiful city. An empanada is from Argentina, a burrito from Mexico and a Tino from Barcelona.

3. Our goal is to make it in the dictionnary, alongside burrito, empanada, calzone etc.

3 medias that talked about us : 

barcelona secreta.png

Barcelona Secreta

The first media to have spotted us. Thanks Miguel y Antonio por haber probado los tinos :) Barcelona Secreta se ha convertido y una de las mejores paginas para encontrar planes guays en Barcelona



It is always an honour to be contacted by a media to make a press article. Thanks el nacional and hope you will pass by see our new location :)

Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-11 a las 12.02.16.png

Top food BCN

Instagram is a key channel for restaurants. Cristian is as passionate about food as It gets and has created a hugely followed foodie account (a.k.a TOpFoodover the last 12 months. Yet the guy is no pretentious and keeps it simple. May all influencers be like him :)

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