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The new street food invented in Barcelona


Hi 🙋‍♂️ Thanks for visiting us! Some call us a mini-calzone, some a pizza sandwich, some an italian empanada.  What is for sure is that It is brand new and does not exist anywhere else. We gave it a name : Tino. Will you dare giving it a try?

A Tino is made with our own secret pizza dough that we wrap and fill with ingredients inspired from burgers, tacos, pizzas. Its unique closed shape means Tinos stay 50 minutes hot, great for takeaway, delivery at home or for an event at the office.

Created in 2021, we are humbled to have won three innovation awards. After operating as a dark kitchen (selling online only) , our first Takeaway restaurant is now opened in Eixample.

Tino - Restaurant in Barcelona - Pizzeria_edited.jpg
TINO Box of 12 - Restaurant in Barcelona - Best Pizzeria (1).jpg
Tino Restaurante Barcelona pizza - Menu.jpg

Come and try one 🍕

You are curious and want to try just one to start with? No problem, come by our takeaway location.

1 Tino = 1/4 pizza

Boxes 📦

Our most popular format! You can choose a box of 4, the equivalent of one pizza. Want to order for several people? We have packs of 8 and 12.

Menus 📜

Tino4LOW (2)_edited.jpg


Meet the owners 🙋‍♂️

Hey. We are Nicolas and Benoit, founders of Tino. If you pass by our restaurant, you will find us there, serving you, preparing the dough or testing new recipes :)  Here are a few things about us.

-> Do you have an italian grandmother 👵 who taught you everything about pizza?

Ah ah no. As a matter of fact, disclaimer : we are not italians 🤌. We are french 🥖🧑‍🎨 

-> Were you pizzaiolos before? 👨‍🍳🍕

Nope. Far from it! We both worked in start-ups offices before Tino. We launched ourselves into this project with 0 experience of the kitchen world, learning everything on the spot. BTW, thanks to all of YOU, early adopters, friends and family for your honest feedback on the product. It helped tons!


-> Is Tino an italian thing?

Not really. Tino is an invention we came up with.  The concept of fagottino exists in Italy. It is a very generic concept and designates something wrapped. It can be salty or sugary. It can be made with different doughs. We could say that Tino is our own interpretation of a fagottino. 

-> Why did you create Tino?

We wanted to solve a basic problem. Pizzas arrive cold and/or damaged from delivery. To keep it hot and undamaged, the best was to reshape it.

-> What is your objective with Tino?

Our dream goal is that, one day, Tino makes it in the dictionary and that people would say Tino is from Barcelona, just like we say the pizza is from Italy, the tacos is mexican etc. Rather ambitious right? You gotta dream big :)


C/ de Còrsega, 225, 08036 Barcelona, España

936 06 92 65

Thanks for your message. We will reply asap



Takeaway or Delivery

Monday to Tuesday:              18:30 - 22:30

Wednesday to Saturday:      12:30 - 15:30 and 18:30 - 22:30
Sunday:                                       12:30 - 22:30

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